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We are a design studio specialised in creating artisanally designed patterns and prints centered around timelessness and versatility, for commercial and personal use. Each design in our print collections are hand-drawn with dedication and created through careful thought.


We also offer customized design services where we work with our clients to capture their unique identity and vision, ensuring an entirely one-of-a-kind look that is a true reflection of individual style and brand identity.

Other services that we provide include Art & Illustration Works, Marquage Painting and Live Events. Our clients include various luxury, fashion & lifestyle brands as well as individuals where we provide a creative and personalized approach to bring artistic visions to life.


Studio Qiling is named through a mesh of the Chinese names of the brand’s creators, Jasline Ang and Melissa Tan. It is also inspired by the Asian mythical creature, the Qilin, paying tribute to the roots of their heritage.

Jasline & Melissa has a long-standing friendship that dates back over two decades. After more than 10 years in their respective lines of work in the corporate world, they decided to come together, partnering their passions and skills to offer a fresh and exceptional take in the world of art and design.

Having honed her craft with renowned brands like Goyard and LV, Jasline who is also known as @Summerteeth, is the creative mastermind of Studio Qiling and is an expert in luxury customisation, design, illustration, and painting.

With a corporate background in the luxury and retail industry, Melissa employs her skills to realise the vision of the brand and takes care of the business side of things.



We believe there are no boundaries to art and that everyone is empowered to be different and can find joy through art as a medium. We see ourselves with you in your everyday life, beautifying it through our works.​

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