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The 'Dragon Dreams' Velvet Cushion is a product from the collaboration of Studio Qiling x Beeyarnd

Dragon Dreams Velvet Cushion

  • A collaboration of craft & artistry from Studio Qiling x Beeyarnd - the ‘Dragon Dreams Velvet Cushion’ is crafted with intricately hand-drawn print and hand beaded tassel.


    Sink into the plush embrace of one-of-a-kind cushions made from the finest velvet, with white dragons scaling the skies amidst jade clouds, infusing a touch of mythical allure to everyday living. The accompanying tassel adds an extra touch of sophistication to the design, with its delicate details resembling the scales of the dragon.


    Insert is included.

    Size: 50cm X 50cm 

    Cushion Cover Material: Polyester Velvet

    Care: Gentle Machine Wash Cold


    Find out more about Studio Qiling and Beeyarnd.

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