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At Studio Qiling, we are dedicated to designing and creating prints and patterns centered around timelessness and versatility. Our passion is reflected in every piece of art we create.

To bring our prints into your everyday life, we offer a thoughtful selection of products adorned with our prints that we hope will bring out your uniqueness and confidence of self-expression. Explore our collection here

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Each of our print design is a detailed creation and labour of love, with each element carefully thought out and every single detail hand-drawn to perfection.

The hand-drawn elements are then meticulously combined and arranged to achieve the ideal layout that we envision before we select the colour combinations to bring out the best of each print. You will observe a strong attention to details in our print designs, a testament of our dedication to create something truly extraordinary and timeless.

Our prints are works of art which we hope will evoke joy as well as inspire confidence and creativity. 


Every product that is offered by Studio Qiling has been specially designed and curated. It is important to us that what we offer brings out the essence of our prints and that that they are ones of quality so you can enjoy for a long time.

We consciously work with a small pool of suppliers who are certified on the safety of their materials and production process to achieve the expectations we have in the details, quality and workmanship of our products. Each item is produced only in limited quantities, so what you own is truly one-of-a-kind and exceptional.

By owning the products from Studio Qiling, you are supporting authentic artistry and conscious consumerism. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we have in the process of creating them.

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Studio Qiling is named through a combination of the Chinese names of the brand’s creators, Melissa Tan ("Qi") and Jasline Ang ("Ling"). Also inspired by the Asian mythical creature, the Qilin, the animal is a symbol of good omens and harbinger of good fortune. It is also one with innate kindness and integrity, character traits that the brand embodies.

Jasline & Melissa has a long-standing friendship that dates back over two decades. After more than 10 years in their respective lines of work in the corporate world, they come together partnering their passions and skills to offer a fresh and exceptional take in the world of art, design and fashion.


Having honed her craft with renowned brands like Goyard and LV, Jasline who is also known as @Summerteeth, is the creative mastermind of Studio Qiling and is an expert in luxury customisation, design, illustration and painting.


With a corporate background in the luxury and retail industries, Melissa employs her skills to realise the vision of the brand and takes care of the business side of things.


Our prints are available for purchase and licensing. We are also able to design customised prints according to your needs and brand identity.

Our portfolio can be found here:

Print Collections


Corporate Gifting

Other Commissioned Works

Whether you are looking to incorporate unique prints and patterns into your product offerings or looking for corporate gifts that are artistic and extraordinary, we are happy to discuss your needs with you.


Please reach out to us here!

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