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We believe that the beauty of creativity often shines brightest when different visions and expertise come together. We are delighted to partner other brands and businesses to explore creative horizons, and together bring wider selections and value to our collective audience.

Please contact us for any partnerships discussion!

Studio Qiling x Julie Tan

A fundraising partnership with Actress Julie Tan for Singapore Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF). The design on the scarf centers around Julie’s love for the underwaters, especially manta rays, as they evoke a sense of calmness even when navigating through tough waters - a hope we have for the children and families impacted by childhood cancer. 


100% of the nett proceeds from the sale of this scarf is donated to Hair for Hope 2024, organised by CCF. Available here.

Studio Qiling x Samsung

To commemorate the launch of the Samsung GalaxyS24 Series and the Year of the Dragon, we collaborated with Samsung to design a pair of Dragon and Phoenix prints in an exclusive colourway according to the new phone colours. Named 'Dragon Aurora' and 'Phoenix Aurora', the prints are used on Casetify phone cases, ear bud case as well as silk bandeaus produced exclusively for Samsung.

Studio Qiling x Decibelist

A partnership with speaker designer, Decibelist, to incorporate Studio Qiling print design on bespoke smart wireless speakers. Also known as Art Speakers, these silk frame speakers are a delicate balance of aesthetic, simplicity and sophistication.

Check out details of the speaker here

Studio Qiling x Beeyarnd

A creative partnership of craft & art, the Dragon Dreams Velvet Cushion is crafted with intricately hand-drawn print and hand beaded tassel, fusing enchanting Asian legends with modern home aesthetics. Designed for those with deep appreciation for fine details and the beauty of artistic creations, the cushion adds a mythical allure to everyday living.

Shop the Dragon Dreams Velvet Cushion here